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Product Showcase


Pulse Oximeter
These Pulse Oximeters are used in nursing homes and hospitals to give non invasive readings and check oxygen saturation in the blood. They also test the pulse rate with and show the readings on LED displays.
Capnography Monitor
Capnography Monitor Products are used by clinicians and medical experts to measure Co2 levels in the respiratory gases. These light in weight monitors are designed with excellent data storage capacities and LED display to show accurate readings while testing adults, kids, etc.

Infusion Fluid Warmer
Infusion Fluid Warmers are designed for maintaining the warm and maintain safe temperatures of medical fluids. They can be used with IV and irrigation fluids. With modern display and durable body, they show the temperature, volume and pressure.

Multipara Monitor
These Multipara Monitors are used for the observation of different health conditions and cardiac monitoring. They show accurate measurement of blood flow and blood pressure. In addition, they can also show the changes of the health conditions of the patients.
Syringe Pump
Syringe Pumps are used to either infuse or withdraw liquid samples. They are designed to take out the samples at a defined flow rate as per the pre selected target volumes. 
Digital Fetal Monitor
Modern Digital Fetal Monitors are provided to test the sounds of fetus. They are used to check the heartbeat, kicks, hiccups, etc. to give assurance to the pregnant ladies about the well-being of their unborn babies. With full color display, they provide every alert in real time. 

ECG Machines
High-tech ECG Machines are available to check the heart issues and beats of the patients. They provide real-time readings with modern LED display, advanced software and high-quality parts. Numerous numbers of ECGs can be easily recorded in the machines with varied options and modes.
Suction Machine
Suction Machines are used to clear airway by removing destructive obstacles such as vomit, saliva, blood, etc. They maintain the cleanness of the breathing passage for preventing the growth of the micro organisms.